Our Mission

Alternative Cure is a 501(c)3 nonprofit entertainment company that helps create lasting memories for cancer patients and their families while raising funds for rare cancer research. We believe that music lifts the spirit and by attending a concert, one can live in the moment.

Our Story

Alternative Cure was founded by Maggie Percell Corwin in 2015. After her father’s passing, from a rare cancer in December 2014, Maggie saw the need and importance of living everyday in the moment. By helping others in similar situations, we hope to create lasting memories through the gift of music and relieve stress that is associated with the fight against cancer.

Our mission is to create lasting memories for cancer patients and their families while raising funds for rare cancer research. Our logo is derived from Tom’s love of his rose garden.

Tom’s Story

Tom’s Story

Thomas Allen Percell was diagnosed with a rare liposarcoma cancer in 2008. In his 7 year battle, he endured 5 major surgeries, over 100 treatments of radiation and 2 different types of chemotherapies. During his struggle he remained positive while braving the possible outcome of losing his own life. Despite putting up a courageous fight, Tom passed away on December 10, 2014.

Like all of us, Tom was more than a cancer patient. He was a caring father, loving husband, loyal friend, and an avid sports/music fan. He was an all-city basketball player in San Francisco, graduating as salutatorian from St. Ignatius College Preparatory and attended the University of San Francisco on a basketball scholarship where he received his BA.

Tom’s two passions in life were sports and music. He was in the know of just about every professional sporting team from football, basketball, and soccer to baseball. His beloved San Francisco Giants were able to bring home 3 World Series wins which brought so much joy to his life.  His record collection spans over 800 albums not including the 100’s of CDs he had acquired over the years. His favorite; Van Morrison. He owned every album, double disc, special release and single of Van’s that you can imagine. And any time Van played in the Bay Area, Tom would be there. He shared his love of music with his children, evening naming his only daughter after the famous Rod Stewart song, ‘Maggie May’.

After receiving the news that Tom had only 2-8 months to live, the Percell Family, made sure that every moment together was special. Multiple outings to concerts and Giant’s baseball games, including a World Series game on the day of Tom and Debbie’s 40th wedding anniversary, and a trip to Laguna Beach, provided them with unforgettable memories. Even the simple moments of sitting on the porch in the backyard and enjoying the sunshine would become something special to hold on to. All of these experiences relieved stress and let the whole family live in the moment.

Tom instilled in his children, the importance to live everyday to the fullest and to fill it with love, laughter, and good times. This site and non-profit organization is dedicated to the memory of Thomas Allen Percell.

What We Provide

Free concert tickets for cancer patients and their families (Up to 4 tickets) at our affiliated concert venues with potential for a VIP experience.

Funding for rare cancer research raised by concerts and music festivals that we promote.



Anyone with a life-threatening cancerous medical condition and their loved ones are eligible to receive free concert tickets.


We work with many different venues and artists, each month our available events change. Please check out our featured events to see which shows are currently available.


You may use our online inquiry form, to get more information about how to receive free concert tickets in the San Francisco Bay Area.



January 27, 2016

Benefit Concert to support cancer patients & their families.


Bottom of the Hill


At Alternative Cure, we help cancer patients and their families relieve stress that is associated with the fight against cancer. By using the gift of music to lift the spirit, families attending concerts can live in the moment while creating lasting memories with their loved ones. And we aren’t able to do it without you.

We need your support to help fund the innovative programming that we provide through Alternative Cure including tickets to concerts, benefit shows, and funding for rare cancer research. Please join our efforts in providing relief to cancer patients and their families, and to help find a cure for rare cancers.

To donate by check, please complete the Check Donation Form and mail it to us at:

Alternative Cure Inc.
1711 Baker Ct. #C
San Francisco, CA 94129

We are a 501(c)3 recognized nonprofit public charity. All donations are fully tax deductible.

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